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McNally Robinson Booksellers has a box of my books, and have been selling them to people in their stores. Unfortuantely it does not look like it on their website. I mentionned this to my contact at McNally’s. She said that because it’s a self-published book, it does not go up automatically, but she will check to see that it does get on the net. In the meantime, dear reader, do not dispair. You can still acquire the book, either through me, or through McNally’s, just write and ask for it specifically.

I used to have a photo of the cover of my book on my website. That, too, will be back up shortly, along with the table of contents and a sample page, so you can judge for yourself.

Ishmael Baeh was in town last night, talking about his book, A Long Way Gone. What an amazing human being! Such a message of hope! ‘Recruited’ as a soldier (recruited is hot the correct term as it suggests a bit of choice in the matter, and for him it was life or death) at a young age, he was later rescued by the UN who took him to a rehabilitation camp.

Ishmael says that there is no limit to the resilliency of human beings. With the help of other kind, loving, humans, we can overcome anything, and live a full life, no matter what our past. It is never hopeless, just in a ‘not yet’ state.

I am in awe of this amazing young man.

Silly me, I feel a connection to Ishmael, as our photos appeared side-by-side two weeks in a row in the Winnipeg Free Press, announcing events at McNally Robinson’s bookstore.

Today I’m dealing with arrangements to have a display case made. The replica sash I wove last year will be installed just behind the information desk in the St-Boniface General Hospital, between the Atrium and the elevators. Today the carpenter, curator, and Atrium supervisor will meet to agree on details.

One day soon I’ll learn how to post photos for youall.



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