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Dr. Katherine Pettipas, Curator, The Manitoba Museum writes:

This publication is welcome addition to the literature on the ancient craft of finger weaving. Carol James, an accomplished Winnipeg weaver and teacher, has dedicated over 20 years to the art. Her knowledge and sash reproductions are based on the detailed study of historical artifacts that are housed in various heritage institutions such as The Manitoba Museum and the Musée Saint-Boniface.

Beginners and experienced finger weavers alike will appreciate this well-illustrated “how to” guide that not only presents the basics, but also guides the user through the complicated art of “trouble shooting.” This type of information sharing is only possible from Carol James’ years of experience as highly skilled weaver and outstanding teacher of the craft.

Gabriel Dufault
Union nationale métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba

In an easy to understand format, Carol James has demystified the fascinating art of finger weaving, particularly that of the taditional sash. Through illustrations and clear explanations, she makes it relatively simple for the novice to create his or her own heirloom. Her many years of experience with her craft brings to the reader the required assistance and reassurance that they also can explore their creativity.

Excellent resource material!

Marie Zorniak
Grade 4 teacher
Strathcona School
Winnipeg Manitoba

Carol has a talent which transcends her delft fingers as she spins and weaves wool. Carol is a patient teacher who shares her weaving knowledge with young students and is as excited as the children when they see their first threads become a pattern. This book of wonderful information helps to unravel the technique of finger weaving in a clear and concise manner.

Carol is a master weaver who brings threads of wool to life as they dance in patterns as she weaves. This book reflects the simple and clear way that Carol teaches this art

Carol’s quiet way of teaching as she passes her knowledge on to students makes her an honoured guest in my classroom. Students delight in the process and the making of their projects.Carol’s book is reflective of the learner and their new found skills as she takes them on a journey of discovery.


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  1. Stevia : Says:

    it is a good idea to look for book reviews first before buying an expensive book “

  2. Spoon Rest Says:

    oprah also makes some good book reviews, i always wait for the book reviews of oprah ~-*

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