May update


It’s been a busy time. Those of you who get the Beaver Magazine may have noticed the article on page 9 of the current issue. It’s about my weaving project at the St Boniface General Hospital, sponsored by Manitoba Heritage, and Manitoba Artists in Healthcare.A story about Carol on pg 9 of the Beaver

I just got back from the Center for Rupertsland Studies Colloquium in Rocky Mountain House. So much information! Such interesting people!

Now back to work on that 3rd variation of the Assomption Sash. This is the one that’s done in 2 parts, with a seam down the middle.

Assomption Variant, part one of sash made in 2 pieces and sewn together

The colors were hand dyed. I did a bit of back-and-forth to the museum, comparing with the original. The colors are not a perfect match, but pretty darn close. Yes there’s a hot pink in the original sash at the Manitoba Museum.

In my ‘spare time’ I’ve been working on some sprang. I’m hoping to finish a multi colored shawl, trying out various techniques and patterns. I think if I set a row of tassels along the lower end, it should hang open when I wear it.

Booksales are going well. Over 400 sold in less than 3 months! Get your copy now while supplies last. Only 1000 were printed.


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