June 10


Had a lovely time at Lower Ft Garry last weekend. Perfect weather, sunny, not too hot. Met lots of interesting folks coming to the book launch, and found it most entertaining to watch the items for the Antique Road Show file past.

No, I didn’t bring my camera. Forgot it at home. No photos of the event, but I did snap a pic this morning. I’ve just finished up weaving a whack of sashes, gave them a hot wash to pre-shrink them down to proper size. Those of you who’ve made special orders and are awaiting shipment may recognize one of those here hung up to dry:

Sashes out to dry

I’m also thinking that some of you may be wanting washing advice. Here it is:
Hand wash in warm water.
Your sash has already been exposed to a hot water wash
and should not shrink with further washings.
To be safe, however, use water no hotter than you’d like for a bath.
Detergent suggestions:
Use a product such as Zero or Woolite,
or a Shampoo followed by conditioner,
or a shampoo with conditioner

More detailed instructions:
Fill the washing machine with enough room-temperature water to cover the sash(es).
Add detergent (Zero or shampoo)
Agitate a bit to distribute the soap.
Add the sashes.
Leave the sashes to soak a while (20 min should suffice)
Turn the dial of the washing machine to ‘Spin’
(now closing the lid of the machine) to remove the water.
Turn the dial of the machine to allow rinse water to enter.
Turn the dial of the machine to remove water again.
Repeat  until all soap is removed.
Hang to dry.

The fringes may become a bit tangled by this washing process.
Generally this problem is easily resolved by extracting the fringes one by one from the tangle.


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