Folklorama 2008


The Pavilion Canadien-Français ran from Aug 3 to 9.

Next week, Aug 10 to 17, was the Métis Pavilion. Dressed a bit differently, I gave a similar demonstration, allowing folks the pleasure of making a ‘friendship bracelet’. The project teaches the basics of fingerweaving …. straight out of my book, page 12 & 13.

Carol and Métis  fingerweaver students at Folklorama

Carol and Métis fingerweaver students at Folklorama

Booksales have been going so well, I’m just about sold out. Fewer than 100 from the original 1200 are left unsold. I’ve ordered another printing, this time doubling the order. This time Friesens will print 2000 copies. The second edition will have ‘perfect binding’ (as opposed to the ‘saddle stitch’ or staple-together-construction of the first edition). Bookstores and libraries tell me that the staple-together binding disappears on the shelf. To be honest, I’ve found this all to be true. I chose the ‘saddle stitch’ wanting the book to lie open on a table while the student is working. I am hoping that the ‘perfect binding’ is perfect enough to allow for both: book will lie open on the table, and will have a spine that is visible on the shelf.

Meanwhile I’ve been weaving a one-of-a-kind special order for a special someone. This is a sash and leg ties combo:

Navy blue and gold chevron combo

Navy blue and gold chevron combo

Next week I’ll be in Edmonton, Alberta, giving a workshop for the folks of Fort Edmonton and St Albert. Later in the week I will be priveleged to tour the Southesk Collection in the Royal Alberta Museum.

Evenings you’ll find me at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

Hope youall are enjoying your Summer.



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