November Site Updates


Carol’s apearance as CBC’s Unsung Hero of the Week has finally been posted in the ‘About the Artist’ section.

Also, under ‘Sprang Weaving’, there are three new patterened sprang sash and under ‘Finger Weaving’, a new beaded sash.

Finally, I’ve compiled a ‘Links’ section. With this update, there are officially no longer any blank pages on the site. I guess that means that we’re no long ‘under construction’ Hooray!



One Response to “November Site Updates”

  1. Ray Anderson Says:

    I am looking for my great great grandmas family sash to be made . Josephine Lagimoidiere was from my mothers side.The Lagimoidier sash can be found on I live in Prince George B.C. now. I was born in Fort Frances Ontario and lived in Atikokan so I was quite impressed with your story on French Lake. Could you contact me at my Email address. Thank you Ray Anderson. ps I am a Metis Elder of B.C.

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