West Coast visit


A good friend of mine invited me to come for a visit. How could I refuse. After two weeks of Folklorama I’m always ready for a good rest.
Since it’s rained almost every day in Winnipeg so far this Summer, sunny British Columbia sounded like a lovely idea (the weather is usually reversed, rainy in BC, and sunny in Winnipeg).
I was able to connect with some of the Vancouver Area weavers for their August Dim Sum meeting. Thanks for inviting me! I also visited Maiwa on Granville Island. What a lovely shop.
Taking the ferry to Victoria we saw Orca whales, a whole pod of them. Sorry, I did not have my camera at the ready.
In Victoria we toured around, the Burchart Gardens, of course. We checked in on several yarn stores, and happened on a Social at the Knotty by Nature yarn store. They invited me to give a quick workshop … just the kind of invitation I love.
Off to Salt Spring Island. I’ve ordered lots of silk from Treenway, and just had to see their digs in person. The lovely rainbow display in their showroom is worth the trip.
Afterwards, as we drove back down the road I thought ‘Darn, I should have taken a picture for my blog in there’.
Oh well.
Here’s a picture from the road

view from a road on SaltSpringIsland

view from a road on SaltSpringIsland

In Ganges I happened in on Stitches, another wonderful yarn store.
I did have some quiet time which I spent finishing that piece for the Manitoba Handweavers and Fiber Artists exhibit at the Manitoba Craft Museum and library. It’s a fingerwoven belt or scarf, done in a multiple diamond pattern, or ‘X&O’. Inspired by octapus bags I saw earlier this year, I decided to finish the fringes using a tape loom.

tape loom finishing

tape loom finishing

View from the side, using a tape loom to create the fringes

View from the side, using a tape loom to create the fringes

People in British Columbia found it easy to remember my name. Carole James is the representative from Beacon Hill, Victoria, and also the leader of the NDP party there. There were many amusing moments, I came to introduce myself as ‘the other Carol James’.

Many thanks again to Gisele for the invitation.
Now for preparations for my trip to Korea.


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