French Translation


My book, Fingerweaving Untangled, has now been translated into French.
I met Lorraine Forbes at Festival one year. She saw me fingerweaving and came over to chat. She had tried unsuccessfully to learn from various books in the library and was pleased to finally meet someone who had cracked the technique. On the way home, she tells me, that her husband encouraged her to take my class, “out of sheer like-mindedness”.
Lorraine is a professional translator, between English and French. She was of great help to me in editing Fingerweaving Untangled. When the requests for a french version started coming in, I solicited her help. Lorraine was indispensable in this venture. I am grateful to Manitoba Culture, Heritage, Tourism, and Sport who subsidized the translation. While the typesetting had to be completely re-done, I took the opportunity to re-do some of the photos and re-arrange some of the pages. The directions on how to measure out, pgs 20 and 21, in my mind were a bit too crowded. The re-organization suggested by my husband is a nice improvement that bi-lingual folks will notice.

I’ve also corrected a few errors.
At the bottom of page 17, the caution should be to count a total of 12 threads, 6 in front and 6 in back (not 12 and 12 … assuming a total of 24).

Midway through the process, I sent out drafts to french-speaking individuals, people from France who expressed an interest in learning the technique. Their comments were most helpful.
I also was able to consult with individuals who teach fingerweaving in Quebec. I learned, for example, that they call the diagonal stripe the ‘half chevron’.
The work was finally completed at the end of June and delivered for printing. I received shipment of Le Fléche Démêlé on July 30.
It sells for the same price as the english version.
Within the first month 200 copies have left my house. I count this a success.
This fall the book will be available through the Quebec bookseller Renaud-Bray.


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