Teacher Inservice etc


October is a busy month.
I’ve been weaving away, finishing up a commission sash, a year of work:

Double Arrow Sash

Double Arrow Sash

And then on to a pair of custom leg ties.
October is the month that teachers have their big inservice day. I attended the sessions for social studies teachers, instructing them on the basics of fingerweaving.
I’ve developed a slide show for the ManitoAhbee festival, as well as a video. I hope to be posting the video, fingerweaving, the beginner method soon.
Last week I met with the person responsible for the Manitoba Craft Museum and Library website. She videotaped me tying some of those Korean knots. These short films (three to ten minutes) will go to a film editor, and then will also be posted on the net, perhaps on the Virtual Museum of Canada.
Yesterday I attended a lace making retreat with my daughter. She’s into bobbin lace. I brought my tatting.

Bobbin Lace Retreat

Dabbling in lacemaking with the NorthernLightsLacemakers in St Norbert

Next I’m intending to address some sprang projects. I’ve taken that double-headed eagle and turned it sideways. I intend to sprang a shawl, loosely based on that piece that is featured in Peter Collingwood’s book.
I’ll keep you posted how it goes.
For now, I’ve been writing out the pattern.

deriving a Sprang pattern

deriving a Sprang pattern




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