School Residency


The week of Nov 30 – December 4, 2009, I was a guest artist in Heritage Immersion School.

School Announcements

School announcements

I worked with the students, ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade, helping them explore a variety of fiber techniques. The youngest were taught simple braiding techniques.

Braided 'friendship bracelet'

Braided Bracelets, diverse uses of color

A pile of 3 and 4 strand braids were produced. These will be worked into split-ply belts for the winter carnival.

Pile of braids

Massive piles of braids will be worked into belts

SampleBraids and resulting sash

4 strand braids will be worked into a split-ply sash

The students demonstrated amazing creativity.
Here is a ‘portrait of Juliette’ by one of the students:


YarnArt portrait

As the week progressed some students wore their artwork:

Hair ornament

Fingerwoven Hair ornament

Fingerknitting as necklace

Fingerknitting and braiding worn as scarf or necklace

Mostly I was very pleased by the way the students caught on to the use of the rigid heddle. Several lovely pieces were produced.

Rigid Heddle results

Results from the rigid heddle weaving

Rigid Heddle results, color combinations

Interesting use of color, loosely packed weft, give a lovely pattern

Pattern exploration with rigid heddle

Students explored diverse patterns

I am looking forward to seeing these students again in February … and the  sashes they will be wearing.


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