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January 2010

January 30, 2010

So January has been extremely busy.
Weaving articles promised to diverse individuals
Weaving planned for display articles at the local Winter Festival
A trip to Victoria BC to present my work to the Weavers there.

I was impressed by the size of the group that attended the monthly meeting of the Victoria Handweavers and Spinners. The committee report part of the meeting was remarkable by the number of individuals who pitch in to keep things running. The show-and-tell was truly delightful and inspiring. Such a variety of techniques attempted, and their willingness to share the learning that happened from mistakes. Gee, another reason to move to Victoria.

On Friday evening we started the weekend fingerweaving workshop, it ran through ’till Sunday afternoon. Along the way students progressed from the simple alternating color ‘friendship bracelet, through to the arrowhead pattern.

Victoria Weavers and Métis at the end of their workshop

What keen students they were! My hat is off to these ladies. They all worked hard, and I’m sure that, in my absence, they’ll be able to help each other to figure this out. Wish I could be at the next meeting of the Victoria Weavers and Handspinners to see the show-and-tell.

Upon my return
I am applying for funding to study sprang … the arts organization will fund a person taking time off to explore, and that’s what I intend to do, hoping to come up with something to make life easier for those who want to start ‘spranging’ from scratch.

I need to prep for the local festival which will be upon us next week.
The local Crafts Council is holding a ‘members show”.
I’m wanting to submit pieces for the Handweavers Guild Convergence exhibits.

I have a shopping list this AM
Return the projector I used for my presentation at the local Weaver’s Guild.
Buy fuses for my son, as well as a separating zipper for his hoodie.
Styrofoam ball to stretch and display my sprang bag.
And such like.

The car is out of gas, I have to stop to fill
It’s -25 out today, by the weather report.
I stop at one of those places billed as ‘quick pay’ you put your credit card in, fill, and go.
Except I can’t get it to work
It says, Press grade and continue.
I press everywhere and cannot get the pump to decide which level of octane
At length the credit card I swiped is no longer remembered and I have to stand out in the cold while the attendant asks me 20 questions to find out what I did wrong, and for him to tell me that, in the cold, it’s better to fill and pay inside and now here’s how to select the grade of gasoline …

I had dreams last night of driving a car that had no break pedal.

How painful when my mind is racing, to be pulled back into the present.

Ah, Carol, RELAX, Breathe, this is about enjoying life.