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Habitat help

February 26, 2010

Last November, in a moment of weakness, I promised a piece to the local Habitat for Humanity for a fundraiser. The deal is that artists can have $20 worth of stuff from the ‘ReStore’. The artist is to use this material to create an ‘artpiece’ and then donate it to the local Habitat for Humanity fundraising art auction.
I knew that Jan and Feb would be crazy busy … and they have been. And yet I’ve been really wanting to try working with wire.
I succeeded in finding a reel of fine, supple green coated wire at the Habitat Re-Store. This week I’ve set down to try to do some sprang.
I did a quick little first piece to determine how long, how wide.


Test piece

I then launched into a piece I thought I’d mount as art. I was not pleased with the results.

Sprang art

Not as pleasing as I'd hoped

So now I’m onto my third attempt.
I went back to the Re-Store and purchased some ‘bling’ as I still had $11 remaining of that initial $20 credit.
I also added some copper wire.
Here it is in progress

third green wire sprang

Third green wire sprang art piece

And here’s the finished piece

completed 'Sprang Fence'

completed 'Sprang Fence'

I wanted to make some statement that the textile technique known as ‘sprang’ is akin to what we all know as ‘chain link fence’. I stretched the sprang between two knitting needles. These endposts were affixed to the background (a cabinet door from the ReStore) with screw-in eyelets.

The art auction will be held at the Habitat for Humanity ‘ReStore’ or Archibald Street in Winnipeg starting on Thursday. Bids must be in by Saturday afternoon.


sash weaving setup ideas

February 24, 2010

The classic method for finger weaving is that you attaching the work to a nail in the wall, and tie the lower end to your chairleg. Many people describe their circumstances to me, where putting a nail in the wall is NOT permitted. This might just be the solution:
A new weaver sends me this image, a nice idea for attaching your sash.

Chair tensioning

Alternative to a nail in the wall ... a chairback

and in greater detail
detail of chair hold

detail of chair tension

more photos from Festival 2010

February 20, 2010

The snow sculptures look great, especially at night with the lights from the tents.

snow sculptures

parasols in the snow

More snow scupltures

and again

Some visitors to the Festival du Voyageur sport fingerwoven sashes.
These women made their own
Festival sashes

French Media report

February 19, 2010

For those who understand French
I was interviewed last October by Radio Canada (the French CBC) concerning the fingerweaving dance, la p’chit dawnse.
Have a listen to the interview:

la p’chit dawnse

February 15, 2010

Another day at Festival du Voyageur. Again this year on Louis Riel Day I was invited to give a fingerweaving workshop. As is my custom, attempting to convey the method to people, I have them ‘dance’ the movements. It works very well with nylon ropes

FW Dance

Fingerweaving Dance, part of the Festival Workshop

They then each made a ‘friendship bracelet’.

Bracelet making

Bracelet making at Festival du Voyageur

Meanwhile, outside in the fort, the general public was also participating in a ‘sashweaving dance’.
Fort Sashweaving Dance starts

Froese's Sash

Team Sashweaving at Festival du Voyageur

Then this evening at the Auberge du Violin we had another group weaving activity, this time accompanied by music.