I’ve sent off a couple of things to the HGA Convergence exhibitions … hoping for the best.
Whew! That’s a load off my mind.
Now for Festival du Voyageur which starts on Friday. They’ve invited me to participate in the ‘school program’. I’ll be weaving on a sash that bears striking similarity to an historic piece, and talking with students about fingerweaving. Space permitting, I’ll bring along my table loom to show them the difference in technique. I’ve also prepared little baggies with materials for the beginner project from my book: chopsticks and eight strands of yarn, all set up and ready to go, cost $2 each.

Kit to make a friendship bracelet

All you need to get started in fingerweaving

The school program runs 9:30 AM to 3PM, and then the crowds of general public come in the evening. If you’re in the Winnipeg area, stop in at Whittier Park, Feb 12-21.


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  1. Angela Fey Says:

    Hello Carol!

    I tired calling you up a few weeks ago, but after visiting you website and blog, I can see why I haven’t been able to catch up with you! Wow! Busy! Anyway, the reason I wanted to touch base is, that you had come up in conversation between Jerome and I. He said something about you that I think you need to hear….

    Jerome said that you were a local hero. What you do for the promotion and preservation of the local French and Metis culture in Manitoba is so important, not only for the French and Metis people of Manitoba, but everyone. He said that local heros and champions of causes rarely ever get the recognition they deserve and that you are due yours.

    I agree! So I thought that I should tell you! Thanks so much for all that you do. You are a national treasure!

    See you at Festival!

    Angela and Jerome

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