Winnipeg’s Winter festival is getting started. This is what we do with snow: we carve it.

snowcarving crew at Festival du Voyageur

Snowcarving crew at Festival du Voyageur

Snow carving 2

Folks creating the big sculpture that greets you at the entrance

This winter festival centers around the establishment of European colonies here and the fur trade. Truckers of the day paddled canoes, and carried trade goods overland between waterways. The arrow sash, or ‘ceinture fleche’ was part of the dress.
I’ll be weaving for the duration, talking with schoolchildren and general visitors alike.
Monday morning I’ll give a workshop for a select few who’ve signed up. Monday evening I’ll be at L’Auberge du Violon with my ‘fingerweaving dance’.
Once Festival is over I’ll get to several sash orders placed in November. I’ve also got some silk that I dyed in the microwave, awaiting some spranging.
Shirley Berlin passed me an amazing article by Dagmar Drinkler from the Archaeological Textiles Newsletter. I’m inspired.


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