la p’chit dawnse


Another day at Festival du Voyageur. Again this year on Louis Riel Day I was invited to give a fingerweaving workshop. As is my custom, attempting to convey the method to people, I have them ‘dance’ the movements. It works very well with nylon ropes

FW Dance

Fingerweaving Dance, part of the Festival Workshop

They then each made a ‘friendship bracelet’.

Bracelet making

Bracelet making at Festival du Voyageur

Meanwhile, outside in the fort, the general public was also participating in a ‘sashweaving dance’.
Fort Sashweaving Dance starts

Froese's Sash

Team Sashweaving at Festival du Voyageur

Then this evening at the Auberge du Violin we had another group weaving activity, this time accompanied by music.


One Response to “la p’chit dawnse”

  1. Susan Says:

    Great pictures Carol! Just watched a news story about new pictures found of Reil and gifted to the St Boniface Museum.

    My post about your book is just up… and thank you for the book that arrived in today’s mail.

    All the best, Susan

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