My husband had reason to visit Montreal at the end of April, and I went along too.
I arranged to visit with the curator of the McCord Museum, Cynthia Cooper. Thanks to the instigation of members of the Braid Society and Michelle Beauvais, the McCord Museum is considering an in-depth inventory of their sash collection. I would be very proud to assist them in this work.

The current fingerweaving class is going very well. Five students have been very diligent, absorbing the technique like sponges. They have also been faithful to their homework, sailing through the tasks I’ve set for them, stipple, diagonal stripe, vertical stripe and sawtooth, and chevron. My daughter taught them the weekend I was gone to Montreal. She has her own approach, sometimes it’s a good thing to get a different perspective. Students reported favorably, did not seem to miss me much. As a testament to their ability, they all completed an arrowhead during class last Sunday. Two more classes to go, and the world will have five more certified fingerweavers. Such apt students remind me why I am teaching. Such a pleasure to teach people who want to learn.

This past week I presented fingerweaving workshops to students at the St James Heritage Fair, as well as to the students of Lord Wolseley School.


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