Hamilton tour


So here I am in Ontario.
My husband is attending conferences, so I’ve tagged along.
Having met up with Virginia Barter at the Rupertsland Colloquium earlier in the month, she invited me to Métis events in her neighborhood. Saturday we went together to Peterborough, Trent University. We participated in a celebration of Métis Culture, music, dance and history. I learned some jigging from Yvonne Chartrand, and also had the honor of meeting members of the Métis Councils from Peterborough and Oshawa-Durham.
On Sunday, I was invited to a community picnic at Lambdon House. I got to talking with people and missed the walking tour of the Umber. Maybe next time, I’d love to check out this little bit of Nature in the midst of the Big City.
Virginia then took me on to the Black Creek Pioneer Village. They seem eager to have my book for their giftshop. That’s great. Then somehow someone mentioned that they’re hosting the Toronto Spiders and the Back-to-Back Wool Challenge. Now that’s something! I participated in the Back-to-Back several times in Manitoba. I hear these Toronto gals are really fast, and, yes, I did get to see them. And yes, they’re mighty fast knitters. How fast are they? What was their time this year (or did they finish, why did they have to quit)? Nope, I will not divulge. You’ll have to wait for the Official Report from Wendy Dennis Down Under. Mum’s the word on my end for now.


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