Festival du Voyageur 2011


It’s that time of year again.
I can be found with my SashWeaving in the Souvenir tent, alongside the Habitat for Humanity run Official Souvenir desk.
The thing I love about Festival is seeing all the sashes. Every year it gets better. People are making their own, and wearing them.

Traute's sash

Traute's sash

This woman took a one-hour workshop from me at the public library, and look what she did!
This gentleman and his wife purchased my book Fingerweaving Untangled. This year he’s sporting a chevron belt, and she’s made little coat toggles.

T-Bay weaver and sash

Proud weaver sporting his sash

And a Big Thank You to those who helped me at the booth.

Claudette weaving

Thanks to Claudette and others who've helped out


Richard helping out

Richard helping out

And I have to show you pictures of the snow sculptures:

Carving of snow sculptures

Carving snow sculptures at Festival du Voyageur 2011


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