more sprang socks


I’ve been trying a few more variations of the sprang sock. Here’s a straight tube sock. It was made from a figure-8 warp, two rectangles worked at the same time. Cut apart, you get two socks for the work of making one … well, you have to do the finishing on the socks separately, gather the toe, sew the side seam, and deal with the fringes.
This sock is a real tube sock: no fancy extra work to create the heel.

tube sock

interlinking sprang tube sock

The only problem with this sock is that people with sensitive feet might find all that gathering at the toe to be uncomfortable.
sprang sock toe

bulky gathering at the toe of the sprang sock

The only solution for this that I can think of (decreasing the bulk at the toe) is to work from the toe up. This means you must work ‘free-end’ method, which technically is not sprang. It does give a lovely sock. I used several colors to emphasize the way threads were added.
cadillac sock

fancy interlinking sock

This sock has eliminated that bump at the toe. You begin with very few threads, and add more each row.
Cadillac sock toe

comfortable toe

This sock also features a short-row heel, and increases along the calf.
Yes, I’d like to post the directions on-line … but there’s so much to say, how to set up, how to do the interlinking, how to keep things even …. it needs a whole book. Yes, I’m still working on the book. It’s getting to the ‘proof’ stage. I keep finding errors, and want an error-free product to give to the world.


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