Sprang Unsprung


It’s finally off to the printer!
My new book, fully illustrated how-to on sprang will be available starting in mid-August, 2011.

Sprang cover

ISBN 978-0-9784695-2-8

I am now ready to take pre-orders. The price is $24.95 plus shipping. It’s 80 pages, a bit longer than Fingerweaving Untangled. Same quality of illustrations. Lots of information on the basic weaving techniques of interlinking, interlacing and intertwining. Also featured are detailed step-by-step of figure-8 warp and circular warp. The book features directions for making hats, bags, sweaters and socks. This is the book I was looking for when I was trying to learn sprang. Hope I’ve made the way easier for you.


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One Response to “Sprang Unsprung”

  1. Stephanie Flügel Says:

    Hello Carol, I´m very interested in your book about sprang do you still have some for selling and is it possible for you to send it to germany (how much is the shipping?)?
    Thank you for your affort.
    Kind regards, Steffi

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