My husband needed to go for a bit of a road trip, get out of town. We drove west, to Batosch, Saskatchewan.

Carol at Batoche church

Carol at Batoche

Batoche visitor center

Carol at visitor's center, Batoche

I was thrilled to hear that personnel there had learned to fingerweave from my book. They had several examples of work done by employees as well as visitors.

fingerweaving at Batoche

fingerwoven samples

They are working towards leg ties for the interpreters, and eventually sashes.
The Saskatchewan prairie is beautiful

Saskatchewan in August

Saskatchewan in August

My husband said I had to include a photo of me as a passenger in the car. It was a ten hour drive. He can’t expect me to just sit there.

weaving in the car

Weaving away the hours in the car

I attach my weaving to the visor, and tension it under my feet.


One Response to “Batoche”

  1. bwilliams Says:

    Finger weaving, an old craft that not many do. The Cherokees indigenous to this area were once well known for this technique, but it is disappearing from their culture. In the past few years I have taught my high school arts students to do the simplest stripe pattern, after having taught myself from a little paperback booklet I bought at the Museum of the Cherokee onthenearby Qualla Boundary. I have also completed a sash/belt in the chevron pattern and would like to learn some other designs in the near future. It’s great to see that someone else ispSsing this cratf on to others.

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