Burlington Weavers Review


The Burlington Weavers and Spinners Guild’s most recent newsletter posted a review of Sprang Unsprung:
Carol James’ book, “Sprang Unsprung” is great for anyone wishing to learn Sprang from the basics through to more advanced pattern making and colour play. The step-by-step instructions are offered for both left and right-handed folks, and are always accompanied by helpful coloured illustrations and photographs of work in progress. Each page of the book is jam packed with project details interspersed with historic sprang woven pieces.
James’ experience with Sprang weaving is extensive, and it shows in her clear instructions and logical progression of technique. She even provides schematics for building several different types of frame looms for weaving. The projects build upon what the weaver has learned from the last chapter, and for further inspiration and learning, James has put together a thorough annotated bibliography.
This book is very user-friendly and would be a good resource for anyone wanting to learn Sprang from the ground up.



2 Responses to “Burlington Weavers Review”

  1. Joellen Watkins Says:

    I now have the book and am astounded. Being new to this old techniique, this book is a perfect springboard for the creative juices! Wonderful work! Thanks so much for your endeavors!!!

  2. azik Says:

    אני מעוניין ללמוד על שיטות של sprang תודה

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