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Burlington Weavers Review

October 6, 2011

The Burlington Weavers and Spinners Guild’s most recent newsletter posted a review of Sprang Unsprung:
Carol James’ book, “Sprang Unsprung” is great for anyone wishing to learn Sprang from the basics through to more advanced pattern making and colour play. The step-by-step instructions are offered for both left and right-handed folks, and are always accompanied by helpful coloured illustrations and photographs of work in progress. Each page of the book is jam packed with project details interspersed with historic sprang woven pieces.
James’ experience with Sprang weaving is extensive, and it shows in her clear instructions and logical progression of technique. She even provides schematics for building several different types of frame looms for weaving. The projects build upon what the weaver has learned from the last chapter, and for further inspiration and learning, James has put together a thorough annotated bibliography.
This book is very user-friendly and would be a good resource for anyone wanting to learn Sprang from the ground up.


Booklaunch for Sprang Unsprung

September 12, 2011

Monday September 12 at McNally Robinson Booksellers

McNally Robinson Booksellers

Event advertising for the launch of Sprang Unsprung

The Bart House Band provided the music

Bart House Band

Bart House Band musicians

They also accompanied the ‘Sprang Dance.
The event finished with book signing.


Book signing at the launch of Sprang Unsprung

Thanks so much to Chris Black for his excellent photography skills, some more photos.

in attendance at the booklaunch

The audience at the booklaunch

Booklaunch protocol is that the author does some speechifying. An activity seemed more appropriate.

the sprang dance
So I instructed the crowd on the sprang dance.
dance results

sprang dance results

Book signing

book signing at McNally Robinson booklaunch for Sprang Unsprung

successful launch

all told it was a successful booklaunch

Sprang is Here

August 17, 2011

The delivery man from Friesens Printing phoned this morning. My books were ready for delivery!

Sprang arrived in boxes

Boxes of books, Sprang Unsprung

Luckily I had help to assist in moving 2000 books from the truck to my living room.

Book Delivery

Delivery of boxes of books

This afternoon I’ll be busy taking packages to the post office, all you who pre-ordered!
Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll like what you see in Sprang Unsprung.

I should add some photos from my adventures in Grand Portage, Minnesota. We were greeted by a rainbow as we set up camp.

setting up camp under the rainbow

Setting up camp under the rainbow

I was impressed by the number of people wearing fingerwoven sashes. Michelle Delorme was proud to show me the sash made by her Qu├ębec mentor.

Michelle Delorme

Michelle and her mentor's sash

I always learn new things. Another participant showed me her method for securing the weaving while riding in a car. She uses a pillow.

pillow anchored weaving

She secures her weaving to a pillow

Her weaving was very nice and tight. Kudos.

Amazing stories of how sashes call out to people to become weavers. And they have been able to create amazing pieces.

Rose StPierre

Beautiful beaded arrow sash

She told me the story of the first time she saw a fingerwoven sash, how it moved her, how fingerweaving has helped her re-connect with her French Quebecois heritage.

There were lots of other activities, lacross and twoball

games at Grand Portage

Games at Grand Portage

The setting was really beautiful. I did take an evening to do a bit of hiking. The view was spectacular.

Aerial view of Grand Portage

view of the Grand Portage National Monument from the top of the nearby hiking trail.

Back home, back at work, I’ve set to re-creating those little coin purses, such as the one found among Lord Nelsons things, and featured on the front cover of the book by Martyn Downer:

sprang coin purse

sprang coin purse

And for the ladies, pockets. This one is based on an image I found on-line from the Williamsburg site.

silk pocket

Silk sprang pocket